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DateAgeNamePlaceRace NameDistanceTimeMile Pace10k
2014-Aug-2443 Brian Fidler
122Old Wethersfield 10k10k00:46:387:3000:46:37
2014-Aug-2343 Brian Fidler
13Norwalk summer series 11 miler 11 m01:23:367:3600:45:38
2014-Aug-1043 Brian Fidler
40Torrington Donors 5 Mile5m00:37:317:3000:47:14
2014-Aug-943 Brian Fidler
24Norwalk summer series 9 miler 9m01:07:317:3000:45:35
2014-Aug-343 Brian Fidler
38Walnut beach ice cream festival 5k 5k00:22:257:1200:46:44
2014-Aug-359 Jerry Meshell
167Sound Runner Sea Legs Shuffle10m01:22:568:1700:50:05
2014-Aug-243 Brian Fidler
141John J Kelley Ocean Beach Run11.6m01:29:447:4400:46:18
2014-Jul-2659 Jerry Meshell
50Woodmont 5K5k00:22:547:2200:47:44
2014-Jul-2643 Brian Fidler
19Norwalk summer series 7 miler 7m00:51:387:2200:45:30
2014-Jul-2343 Brian Fidler
96Citizens Bank Not Your Typical 5K5k00:22:487:2000:47:32
2014-Jul-1343 Brian Fidler
108GE Petit Family Foundation Road Race5k00:22:277:1300:46:48
2014-Jul-1243 Brian Fidler
23Norwalk summer series 5 miler 5m00:36:577:2300:46:31
2014-Jul-643 Brian Fidler
49MAD Half marathon. 13.1m01:50:028:2300:49:54
2014-Jun-2943 Brian Fidler
30Doc's Race5k00:21:517:0100:45:33
2014-Jun-2946 Debby Valin
64Doc's Race5k00:23:467:3800:49:33
2014-Jun-2958 Jerry Meshell
70Doc's Race5k00:24:037:4400:50:08
2014-Jun-2243 Brian Fidler
455Fairfield Half-Marathon13.1m01:44:057:5600:47:12
2014-Jun-2258 Jerry Meshell
1161Fairfield Half-Marathon13.1m01:54:028:4200:51:43
2014-Jun-2146 Debby Valin
3219Grandmas Marathon26.2m04:14:299:4200:55:22
2014-Jun-1843 Brian Fidler
16Valley YMCA Sunset 5k in Ansonia 5k00:21:386:5700:45:06
2014-Jun-1543 Brian Fidler
148Branford Road Race5m00:36:157:1500:45:38
2014-Jun-1543 Brian Fidler
148Branford Road Race5m00:36:157:1500:45:38
2014-Jun-1558 Jerry Meshell
406Branford Road Race5m00:40:578:1100:51:33
2014-Jun-1443 Brian Fidler
18Norwalk Summer series 3 miler 3m00:20:456:5500:44:54
2014-Jun-858 Jerry Meshell
449Litchfield Hills Road Race7.1m01:03:058:5300:54:46
2014-Jun-843 Brian Fidler
 Trail 2 trail series Huntington state park half marathon in Redding 13.1m02:52:5313:1101:18:25
2014-Jun-743 Brian Fidler
 Hamden Road Race 5k00:21:296:5400:44:47
2014-Jun-143 Brian Fidler
154Ironhorse Half-Marathon13.1m01:43:177:5300:46:51
2014-Jun-158 Jerry Meshell
360Ironhorse Half-Marathon13.1m01:53:308:3900:51:29
2014-May-3143 Brian Fidler
16Hamden Hills half marathon 13.1m01:40:297:4000:45:34
2014-May-2543 Brian Fidler
32Bridgeport Hospital Homerun 5K5k00:21:436:5900:45:16
2014-May-2558 Jerry Meshell
67Bridgeport Hospital Homerun 5K5k00:24:027:4400:50:06
2014-May-2546 Debby Valin
482nd Annual Memorial Day Marathon13.1m01:48:558:1800:49:24
2014-May-2456 George Buchanan
23Delaney Dash4m00:24:016:0000:38:18
2014-May-2454 Frank Tiroletto
28Delaney Dash4m00:24:316:0700:39:06
2014-May-2456 Jim Mas
29Delaney Dash4m00:24:346:0800:39:11
2014-May-2441 Mark Andrejczyk
33Delaney Dash4m00:24:466:1100:39:30
2014-May-2460 Paul Moyse
60Delaney Dash4m00:26:416:4000:42:33
2014-May-2429 Alecia Faustini
66Delaney Dash4m00:26:496:4200:42:46
2014-May-2425 Theresa Campbell
76Delaney Dash4m00:27:306:5200:43:52
2014-May-2445 Tom Fatone
85Delaney Dash4m00:28:017:0000:44:41
2014-May-2464 Tom Hiten
118Delaney Dash4m00:29:267:2100:46:57
2014-May-2470 Tom Caporaso
217Delaney Dash4m00:34:418:4000:55:19
2014-May-1843 Brian Fidler
23Matt's Mission 5K5k00:21:537:0200:45:37
2014-May-1743 Brian Fidler
7First Annual Peck Place Panther Pounce5k00:21:256:5300:44:39
2014-May-1143 Brian Fidler
17Live Well 5K Run/Walk5k00:21:186:5100:44:24
2014-May-1158 Jerry Meshell
50Live Well 5K Run/Walk5k00:23:527:4000:49:45
2014-May-443 Brian Fidler
3Orange Cinco De Miles 5 miler 5m00:35:357:0700:44:48
2014-May-446 Debby Valin
79Redding Road Race13.1m01:48:568:1800:49:24
2014-May-458 Jerry Meshell
150Redding Road Race13.1m01:57:118:5600:53:09
2014-Apr-2743 Brian Fidler
108Cheshire Half marathon13.1m01:37:587:2800:44:26
2014-Apr-2646 Debby Valin
41The Will-Whammer Half Marathon13.1m01:44:488:0000:47:32
2014-Apr-2658 Jerry Meshell
99The Will-Whammer Half Marathon13.1m01:56:088:5100:52:40
2014-Apr-2146 Maureen Terwilliger
5131118th Boston Marathon26.2m03:14:217:2500:42:17
2014-Apr-2153 Timothy Beach
8848118th Boston Marathon26.2m03:28:327:5700:45:22
2014-Apr-2153 Randy Chamberland
8992118th Boston Marathon26.2m03:28:597:5800:45:28
2014-Apr-2133 Diane Keenan
14558118th Boston Marathon26.2m03:47:208:4000:49:27
2014-Apr-2148 Ellen Vanchot
19064118th Boston Marathon26.2m04:04:459:2000:53:14
2014-Apr-2160 Paul Moyse
21003118th Boston Marathon26.2m04:15:099:4400:55:30
2014-Apr-2146 Kathryn Stoker
23669118th Boston Marathon26.2m04:31:2810:2100:59:03
2014-Apr-1943 Brian Fidler
4Derby greenway charity run. 5k00:21:106:4800:44:07
2014-Apr-1443 Brian Fidler
27Julia's run 4m00:27:586:5900:44:36
2014-Apr-1458 Jerry Meshell
75Julia's run 4m00:32:368:0900:52:00
2014-Apr-1346 Debby Valin
50Julia's Run for Children4M00:30:217:3500:48:24
2014-Apr-658 Jerry Meshell
325Stratton Faxon Greater Danbury Half Marathon13.1m01:58:499:0400:53:53
2014-Mar-3046 Debby Valin
49Boston Blowout30k02:36:378:2400:48:52
2014-Mar-2243 Brian Fidler
55Savin Rock half marathon 13.1m01:37:567:2800:44:25
2014-Mar-1643 Brian Fidler
39St Patrick's day classic 4m00:27:416:5500:44:09
2014-Mar-1646 Debby Valin
16Run For the Shamrock5.5m00:44:138:0200:50:19
2014-Mar-1634 Dawn Jenci
32Run For the Shamrock5.5m00:49:148:5700:56:02
2014-Mar-946 Debby Valin
50Bolton Road Race5m00:38:557:4700:49:00
2014-Mar-958 Jerry Meshell
87Bolton Road Race5m00:43:418:4400:55:00
2014-Mar-943 Brian Fidler
70Boston build up 25k 25k01:58:167:3600:44:46
2014-Mar-255 George Buchanan
36WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:18:215:5400:38:15
2014-Mar-255 Jim Mas
46WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:18:576:0500:39:30
2014-Mar-254 Frank Tiroletto
54WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:19:096:0900:39:55
2014-Mar-243 Brian Fidler
93WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:20:306:3500:42:44
2014-Mar-243 Brian Fidler
93WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:20:306:3500:42:44
2014-Mar-245 Tom Fatone
97WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:20:356:3700:42:54
2014-Mar-229 Alecia Faustini
105WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:20:546:4300:43:34
2014-Mar-253 Timothy Beach
125WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:21:286:5400:44:45
2014-Mar-249 Andrew Barton
169WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:22:217:1100:46:35
2014-Mar-2  Alison Hiten
170WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:22:227:1100:46:37
2014-Mar-246 Debby Valin
189WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:22:427:1800:47:19
2014-Mar-235 Brian Williams
226WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:23:197:3000:48:36
2014-Mar-263 Tom Hiten
245WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:23:447:3800:49:28
2014-Mar-253 Denise Stein
278WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:24:217:5000:50:46
2014-Mar-246 Kathryn Stoker
283WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:24:227:5000:50:48
2014-Mar-234 Lisa Petrashka
295WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:24:367:5500:51:17
2014-Mar-258 Jerry Meshell
339WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:25:248:1000:52:57
2014-Mar-234 Dawn Jenci
401WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:26:148:2600:54:41
2014-Mar-259 Dorothy Lupariello
456WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:26:418:3500:55:37
2014-Mar-270 Tom Caporaso
498WPLR ShamRock & Roll5k00:27:078:4300:56:32
2014-Feb-2343 Brian Fidler
85Boston build up 20k20k01:36:497:4700:46:26
2014-Feb-2229 Kevin Cox
14Colchester Half Marathon13.1m01:24:116:2500:38:11
2014-Feb-2253 Timothy Beach
86Colchester Half Marathon13.1m01:37:387:2700:44:17
2014-Feb-2243 Brian Fidler
100Colchester Half Marathon13.1m01:38:477:3200:44:48
2014-Feb-2250 Dan Leiper
130Colchester Half Marathon13.1m01:42:157:4800:46:22
2014-Feb-2245 Tom Fatone
152Colchester Half Marathon13.1m01:44:047:5600:47:12
2014-Feb-2234 Nicole Semanchik
183Colchester Half Marathon13.1m01:47:578:1400:48:58
2014-Feb-2246 Debby Valin
189Colchester Half Marathon13.1m01:48:448:1800:49:19
2014-Feb-2248 Frank Jozefick
243Colchester Half Marathon13.1m01:53:348:4000:51:30
2014-Feb-22  Alison Hiten
290Colchester Half Marathon13.1m01:56:218:5200:52:46
2014-Feb-2253 Denise Stein
322Colchester Half Marathon13.1m01:58:149:0100:53:37
2014-Feb-2263 Tom Hiten
325Colchester Half Marathon13.1m01:58:589:0400:53:57
2014-Feb-2246 Kathryn Stoker
332Colchester Half Marathon13.1m01:59:399:0800:54:16
2014-Feb-2265 Janet Voelpert
339Colchester Half Marathon13.1m02:00:069:1000:54:28
2014-Feb-2258 Jerry Meshell
415Colchester Half Marathon13.1m02:08:529:5000:58:27
2014-Feb-843 Brian Fidler
16YMCA Sweetheart Run4m00:28:107:0200:44:55
2014-Feb-243 Brian Fidler
42Run For Refuges 5k00:21:176:5000:44:22
2014-Jan-2629 Kevin Cox
14Winter Wonderland5m00:30:256:0500:38:17
2014-Jan-2655 George Buchanan
20Winter Wonderland5m00:31:146:1400:39:19
2014-Jan-2655 Jim Mas
35Winter Wonderland5m00:32:546:3400:41:25
2014-Jan-2641 Brian Ordway
37Winter Wonderland5m00:33:106:3800:41:45
2014-Jan-2654 Frank Tiroletto
40Winter Wonderland5m00:33:286:4100:42:08
2014-Jan-2640 Mark Andrejczyk
50Winter Wonderland5m00:34:546:5800:43:56
2014-Jan-2634 Nicole Semanchik
78Winter Wonderland5m00:37:187:2700:46:58
2014-Jan-2629 Alecia Faustini
93Winter Wonderland5m00:38:127:3800:48:06
2014-Jan-2662 Robert Aiksnoras
100Winter Wonderland5m00:38:567:4700:49:01
2014-Jan-2646 Debby Valin
102Winter Wonderland5m00:39:037:4800:49:10
2014-Jan-2647 Cynthia DeGirolamo
119Winter Wonderland5m00:40:068:0100:50:29
2014-Jan-2663 Tom Hiten
127Winter Wonderland5m00:40:558:1100:51:31
2014-Jan-2653 Denise Stein
150Winter Wonderland5m00:42:488:3300:53:53
2014-Jan-2646 Kathryn Stoker
151Winter Wonderland5m00:42:518:3400:53:57
2014-Jan-2642 Sergio De Sousa
155Winter Wonderland5m00:43:368:4300:54:53
2014-Jan-2633 SARAH WALLS
161Winter Wonderland5m00:44:208:5200:55:49
2014-Jan-2634 Joelle Constantino
165Winter Wonderland5m00:44:328:5400:56:04
2014-Jan-2669 Tom Caporaso
172Winter Wonderland5m00:45:049:0000:56:44
2014-Jan-2665 Janet Voelpert
179Winter Wonderland5m00:46:049:1200:58:00
2014-Jan-2659 Dorothy Lupariello
185Winter Wonderland5m00:47:069:2500:59:18
2014-Jan-2646 Melissa Olive
223Winter Wonderland5m00:52:1410:2601:05:46
2014-Jan-1943 Brian Fidler
 Boston build up 15k 15k01:09:287:2700:45:11
2014-Jan-1846 Debby Valin
205Charleston Marathom26.2m03:45:398:3600:49:05
2014-Jan-1146 Debby Valin
957Disney Half Marathon13.1m01:52:468:3600:51:09
2014-Jan-543 Brian Fidler
156Boston build up 10k 10k00:54:488:4900:54:47
2014-Jan-146 Debby Valin
 Chilly Chili Run5k00:23:397:3600:49:18
2014-Jan-148 Bill Odendahl
259Chilly Chili Run5k00:28:199:0600:59:02
2014-Jan-143 Brian Fidler
51Chilly chilli run 5k00:21:266:5300:44:41
2013-Dec-2143 Brian Fidler
34Norfolk pub 10 miler 10m01:18:117:4900:47:13
2013-Dec-2146 Debby Valin
44Norfolk Pub 10 Miler10m01:20:338:0300:48:38
2013-Dec-1440 Mark Andrejczyk
21Roxbury Marathon26.2m04:01:199:1200:52:30
2013-Dec-1447 Cynthia DeGirolamo
26Roxbury Marathon26.2m04:09:159:3000:54:13
2013-Dec-1448 Bill Odendahl
29Roxbury Marathon26.2m04:22:5410:0200:57:11
2013-Dec-843 Brian Fidler
153Christopher martins 5k00:21:206:5100:44:28
2013-Nov-2842 Brian Fidler
665Manchester road race4.7m00:33:147:0400:44:40
2013-Nov-2840 Mark Andrejczyk
16Commodore Hull Thanksgiving Day 5K5k00:19:236:1400:40:24
2013-Nov-2846 Debby Valin
35Run Turkey Run10k00:46:527:3200:46:51
2013-Nov-2346 Debby Valin
10Turkey Can Can3.5m00:23:346:4300:43:18
2013-Nov-2342 Brian Fidler
46Hot coco run 5k00:20:546:4300:43:34
2013-Nov-1142 Brian Fidler
18Veterans Day race 5k00:20:536:4300:43:32
2013-Nov-1046 Debby Valin
7115th Annual Monson Memorial Classic13.1m01:47:578:1400:48:58
2013-Nov-342 Brian Fidler
37Platt tech 5k 5k00:20:406:3900:43:05
2013-Nov-346 Debby Valin
69Platt Tech 5K5k00:22:407:1700:47:15
2013-Oct-2742 Brian Fidler
54The reservoir run half marathon 13.1m01:38:517:3200:44:50
2013-Oct-2746 Debby Valin
26Devil Made me do it 6.66 miles of Hell6.66m00:52:047:4900:48:22
2013-Oct-2042 Brian Fidler
28Great pumpkin classic 5k00:20:426:3900:43:09
2013-Oct-2046 Debby Valin
63Run For The COVE to Benefit Grieving Children5k00:22:447:1800:47:23
2013-Oct-2047 Cynthia DeGirolamo
79Run For The COVE to Benefit Grieving Children5k00:23:427:3700:49:24
2013-Oct-2053 Denise Stein
132Run For The COVE to Benefit Grieving Children5k00:25:508:1800:53:51
2013-Oct-1342 Brian Fidler
22Autumn on the sound 5k00:20:476:4100:43:19
2013-Oct-1346 Debby Valin
5410Bank of America Chicago Marathon26.2m03:36:188:1500:47:03
2013-Oct-1242 Brian Fidler
261Greater Hartford half marathon 13.1m01:35:187:1600:43:13
2013-Oct-642 Brian Fidler
48Ridgefield pamby half marathon 13.1m01:38:227:3000:44:37
2013-Oct-558 Jerry Meshell
39Woodbridge Road race5k00:23:267:3200:48:51
2013-Oct-546 Debby Valin
 Woodbridge Road race5k00:23:407:3700:49:20
2013-Sep-2946 Debby Valin
76Bigelow Tea Community Challenge5k00:22:557:2200:47:46
2013-Sep-2942 Brian Fidler
25Bigelow tea 5k5k00:20:316:3600:42:46
2013-Sep-1442 Brian Fidler
15Norwalk summer series half marathon13.1m01:36:197:2100:43:41
2013-Sep-1442 Brian Fidler
15Norwalk summer series half marathon13.1m01:36:197:2100:43:41
2013-Sep-1446 Debby Valin
56Gulf Beach Half-Marathon13.1m01:41:077:4300:45:52
2013-Sep-744 Tom Fatone
27Lordship Run-About5k00:21:036:4600:43:53
2013-Sep-742 Brian Fidler
29Lordship Run-About5k00:21:106:4800:44:07
2013-Sep-233 Pat Dennen
77Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:17:546:1600:37:21
2013-Sep-251 Jim Zoldy
82Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:18:546:2000:37:50
2013-Sep-229 Kevin Cox
99Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:20:376:2900:38:39
2013-Sep-253 Frank Tiroletto
135Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:24:136:4600:40:23
2013-Sep-240 Mark Andrejczyk
147Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:25:086:5000:40:49
2013-Sep-250 James Drummond
165Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:26:466:5800:41:36
2013-Sep-249 Peter Lesser
190Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:28:347:0700:42:28
2013-Sep-236 Joe Domogala
205Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:29:177:1100:42:49
2013-Sep-228 Colleen Furlow
240Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:31:087:1900:43:42
2013-Sep-234 Nicole Semanchik
247Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:31:377:2200:43:56
2013-Sep-253 Timothy Beach
297Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:34:117:3400:45:10
2013-Sep-233 Alexandra Parfitt
395Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:37:447:5100:46:52
2013-Sep-242 Brian Fidler
411Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:38:207:5400:47:09
2013-Sep-250 Richard Zorena
479Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:41:028:0700:48:27
2013-Sep-247 Cynthia DeGirolamo
550Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:42:548:1600:49:21
2013-Sep-246 Debby Valin
582Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:43:338:1900:49:39
2013-Sep-263 Tom Hiten
633Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:45:058:2700:50:24
2013-Sep-250 Greg Nilan
641Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:45:248:2800:50:33
2013-Sep-262 Vic Swaller
644Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:45:338:2900:50:37
2013-Sep-249 John Martin
702Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:47:098:3700:51:23
2013-Sep-258 Jerry Meshell
764Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:49:068:4600:52:19
2013-Sep-264 Janet Voelpert
802Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:50:058:5100:52:47
2013-Sep-233 Erin Shreve
810Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:50:168:5200:52:53
2013-Sep-253 Denise Stein
963Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:53:389:0800:54:30
2013-Sep-233 Dawn Jenci
1085Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:56:189:2100:55:46
2013-Sep-243 Jorge Torre
1101Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:56:419:2300:55:57
2013-Sep-246 Kathryn Stoker
1147Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k01:57:279:2700:56:19
2013-Sep-244 Tom Fatone
1536Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race 20k20k02:07:1510:1401:01:01

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