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For the Pros, Training, Bonding, and Sightseeing at High Altitude Camp

In Flagstaff, Arizona, there is less oxygen and more time together as a group.

Taking His Last Shot at the Olympics, Meb Has “Nothing to Lose”

The 40-year-old hints at retirement, but first, wants to make the American team for his daughters.

A Visual Guide: The Nation’s Most Exclusive Marathon

How fast are these Olympic trials marathoners? Take a look.

Olympic Trials Contender: Jared Ward

Don’t sleep on the reigning U.S. champion, who wrote his master’s thesis on marathon pacing strategy.

Missoula Marathon Settles Discrimination Case

Race organizers removed restrictions on hand cyclists and wheelchair athletes, reimbursed the plaintiff for his legal fees, and will undergo training on how to accommodate athletes with disabilities.

7 Strategies for Keeping Super Bowl Calories in Check

Enjoy Sunday’s spread without going overboard.

The Running Notebook

News, notes, and miscellaneous items from the running world.

British Runner Establishes New 12-Hour Treadmill Record

Susie Chan outpaces the previous official record by eight miles and calls it the hardest thing she’s ever done.

Can Exercise Help Stress-Proof You?

Study of students writing exams tests an interesting hypothesis.

How to Keep Training Hard in Snow

The best workouts to do when it’s rough sledding on the roads.


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