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The Other Keflezighi: Merhawi Emerges From Behind the Scenes

This summer, the brother and agent of America’s most famous marathoner unexpectedly found himself in the spotlight.

Lauren Fleshman Retires From Elite Racing

After years of injuries, the two-time national champion will remain active in coaching and advocating for women in the sport.

Elite Athletes are Better at Resisting Mental Fatigue

New research finds that pro endurance athletes have superior “response inhibition.”

Strength Training for Trail Runners

Exercises to boost your stability.

Priming the Prerace Pump

Here’s how to strike the balance between rested and ready.

Watch: Super Secret Mystery Meeting Episode 15

Ali and Hannah chat about roller coasters, Bill Rodgers, and Mindy Kaling.

Plantar Fasciitis Release Technique

The simple solution to relieve pain.

Should I Avoid the Heat During Summer Training?

What’s better: running indoors on the treadmill or cranking out miles on the road?

Five Cool Summer Soups

Rehydrate with a fruit- or veggie-packed bowl of chilly goodness.

5 Quirky Tips for College Runners Trying to Go Pro

At a recent conference near Washington D.C., graduates learned the ins and outs of the running business.


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