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Mel Williams, Renowned Researcher, Marathoner, and Motivator, Dies at 78

He completed 38 Marine Corps Marathons, led studies on blood doping, and helped countless Virginia runners, who will honor him on May 28.

Minneapolis Marathon Canceled 10 Days Before Scheduled Start

The June 5 race failed to secure permits for its original course and could not come up with a new route in time.

What Makes the Runner’s World Classic Unique

The director of these new races in North Andover, Massachusetts, details what runners can expect this July 15 through 17.

Email Errors Confuse Thousands as Falmouth Road Race Lottery Results Are Announced

Entrants receive erroneous rejection emails, notifications of exorbitant credit card charges.

6 Weird Things That Happen to Your Body While Running

Running blasts stress, strengthens your heart, and gives you great legs—but it can have some strange side effects.

Weekly Workout—Plank Jacks

Inject some spring into your core routine with this move.

Man Born Without Arms or Legs Prepares for His First Marathon

Chris Koch will use a longboard to complete Sunday’s Calgary Marathon.

Is SPF 15 Enough?

A broad-spectrum sunscreen with a higher SPF is the best choice for preventing skin damage.

How Japanese Runners Master Long Distances

High mileage, high effort training has led to remarkable results.

Great Summer Running Looks for 2016

Pleasing apparel that works before, during, or after your run.


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